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Okinawa Donuts-Sata andagi-Winter Light Festival


Dates and Times:
December 23 6:00pm to 7:30pm

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Koko’s Restaurant is preparing a unique warm treat. A great treat to celebrate Emperor's Akihito Birthday Celebration. 

Okinawa Donuts-Sata andagi. 

Sata andagi are sweet deep-fried buns of dough similar to doughnuts, native to the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. Traditional Okinawan Andagi is made by mixing flour, sugar and eggs. It was a favourite treat for children and adults to enjoy. The ingredients are mixed into a ball and deep fried. Come try an Okinawa donut with sugar and warm up your Winter Light Experience.

$5.00/serving (4 Donuts) or

$3.00/serving (2 Donuts)

Come enjoy the Sata andagi under 115,000 lights as the garden beauty shines in the winter month. 

Selling them in the Garden at the Nakaniwa (Courtyard Area). Admission to the Garden is 7.50/person or check out our packages at

Other Okinawa Donut Dates are December 30 & 31st if weather permits. Please keep an eye on our website and facebook for updates and cancellations. 

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