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Journeys with Fruit


Dates and Times:
Sun NOV 04 | 2–3 pm

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Canadians generally associate fruit growing with the milder regions of the country, such as the interior of BC or southern Ontario. Despite our abundant sunshine, one doesn't exactly see vineyards on any of the grassy slopes or coulees of Lethbridge. It's for this reason that the history of so much prairie fruit is unknown or goes unrecognized. There are old varieties of apples, cherries, plums and pears that came here along with immigrants, and there were mutations and variances that occurred that made things considerably easier for the fruit breeding programs at Lethbridge's research stations. Join Lyndon Penner for a look at some of our oldest fruit tree cultivars and the fascinating things they reveal about our people and our land.

2–3 pm | registration not required | museum admission applies | free to annual pass holders

Photo Credit: Photo by Victoria Chen on Unsplash

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