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Josee's Handmade Imports Celebrates 25 Years

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Congratulations to Josee of Josee’s Hand Made Imports for 25 years of business in the downtown core.

After spending six months exploring Asia, Josee fell in love with the culture and artifacts she had discovered on her trip and decided to bring that experience home to Lethbridge. She opened her shop in 1993 when construction on Park Place Mall had just begun. Josee and her mother were walking around the downtown core looking for a home for her store when she saw a for rent sign in the window of the historic Trianon building, she knew it would be the perfect spot for her. Since that day, Josee has been importing unique and beautiful clothing, gifts, jewelry and home décor products from all over the globe. She has served two generations of customers in Lethbridge and her daughters have now started to serve the third generation of customers that come from all over southern Alberta.  

We absolutely love having Josee’s as part of our downtown community, her passionate attitude is exactly what makes our downtown community thrive. We wish Josee and her daughters many more years of success in Downtown Lethbridge. Cheers to 25!  

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Posted on:
Monday, May 14, 2018

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